Phase Converters

Rotary Phase Converter

DSCN5809-100A rotary phase converter is the most common and universal type of phase converter.  A rotary phase converter uses an induction generator (sometimes referred to as an idler) to produce 3 phase power.  The 2 single phase lines are used to energize the induction generator; in turn the induction generator produces the 3rd line of power (voltage).   This 3rd line of power is joined together with the single phase lines to make 3 phase power.  North America Phase Converters proudly builds the finest rotary phase converter on the market today -The “Pro-Line” Rotary Phase Converter.

CNC Balanced Rotary Phase Converter

DSCN5738A CNC Balanced Rotary Phase Converter maintains a more stable voltage balance output that can be used with CNC machines and/or other voltage sensitive equipment.  Our “Pro-Line” of rotary phase converters is CNC balanced.

UL Rotary Phase Converter

DSCN5723-50This is a rotary phase converter that is built per UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) specifications and carries the UL Listed markings.  North America Phase Converters is a UL 508A Panel Builder.

Rotary Phase Converter Control Panel

DSCN5608-50A rotary phase converter control panel is half of a rotary phase converter.  This is for the customer that has his/her own 3 phase motor to use as an idler motor.  We are just supplying the control panel.  The control panel includes a motor starter, voltage balancing and input and output terminal blocks.

Static Phase Converter

Static Phase ConverterA static phase converter is used to generate 3 phase power during the starting of a motor.  A static phase converter consists of one or more start capacitors and a start relay.  The start capacitors produce electricity across the third winding of a motor during start up. Once the motor is up to speed these capacitors are disconnected from the motor winding.  The motor load is now running on just the two single phase lines of power (in essence, the motor is single phasing).   North America Phase Converters offers two lines of static phase converters – Heavy Duty and High-Low Double Horsepower Rated.

Digital Phase Converter

Digital Phase ConverterA digital phase converter uses solid state electronic controls to produce the 3rd leg of power.  A digital phase converter converts the single phase power from AC into DC and then into AC again.  Then it uses a microprocessor to monitor the output voltage of the phase converter, and maintains a 1% voltage balance under any load condition.  North America Phase Converters proudly offers Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converters from Phase Technologies.

Not sure which phase converter is correct for your application?  Please call or email our application engineers for assistance - 877-545-2926.