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At more than 15,000 phase converters shipped, we have continued effort to produce a great easy to follow installation manual. We are open to advice or suggestions, please call us if any of the supporting information could use a humble tweek or improvement. Upon the quick review of the installation manual we are always here to answer questions beyond what is already available in the quick read installation manual. 877-545-2926

North America Phase Converter has the most comforting warranties in the industry.   Warranty is exceptionally rare and when it occurs our goal is to get your converter operational as fast as possible.  We are humans and nothing in life is not perfect so please work with us closely if there is ever a challenge we need to repair.    In the rare moment of an expired component please call us for support 877-545-2926.

Phase Conversion can be new to electricians, business and home owners; below are a several quick reference learning curves that we cross on a regular basis. In the rare moment of an expired component please call us for support 877-545-2926.

Schematic wiring diagrams are always helpful.   Please find pertitant installation and generals design information for your conversion projects.   For special projects or custom applications, we are always willing to help or find solutions please call us at 877-545-2926.

Here you will find supporting information including installation manuals, specifications, videos and advice regarding proper installation and application for North America Phase Converter products.

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