Mission Statement

It is the mission of North America Phase Converter Company (NAPCco) to be a leader in the phase converter and electrical industry.  We strive to conduct our business in an honest and fair manner, providing friendly customer service, premium-quality products, technical expertise, competitive prices and personal service.

 We aim to grow by improving our products, services and processes.  We encourage creativity, long term thinking and teamwork.  The strength of our company is being – outstanding people caring about the people we serve. 

Customer Pledge

 Have you ever heard “the electrical industry isn’t rocket science”? True, however it can be complex.  Since there are so many variables to phase converter and electrical supply products – different voltages, amperages, wire sizes, horsepower ratings, etc.; sometimes things just aren’t right or don’t work the way they are supposed to.

 North America Phase Converter Company has never walked away from a problem.  If you purchase a product from us and it doesn’t work properly, we will fix the problem – Guaranteed.  It is that simple.

 Sizing Guarantee

If you call or email us for a sizing recommendation for your application, we guarantee our sizing recommendation is the proper size phase converter.  If we undersized your application, we will replace the phase converter with the correct size unit.  We pay all the shipping back and forth, you just have to pay the difference.  Of course, we need your help.  Our sizing recommendation is based on us having all the correct information about your application.

 Pricing Guarantee

Buy with confidence from North America Phase Converter Company.  We guarantee you will not find a better-priced single or 3 phase power converter on the market.  If you do, we will beat that price by 10%.* 

*Phase converters for sale must be new, same size, have the same features, quality (built to UL and NEC standards) and made in the USA

 24/7 Technical Support

North America Phase Converter Company is committed to working with our customers every step of the way from sizing/selection, purchase, all the way through installation.  We will be with you before, during and after the sale.  We are available when it is convenient for you, not for us.

Made in the USA

NAPCco proudly makes all our phase converters at our manufacturing plant in New Berlin, Wisconsin. We invite you to stop by if you are ever in the area.

Please call us at 877-545-2926 or use our contact form …

if you have any questions about our products, features or sizing!