Smart-Phase™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters

Excellence in a box!  Smart-Phase™ is a highly engineered digital rotary converter with tight voltage balance control.   Best suited for ultra voltage sensitive machines, high performance machines and/or multiple loads running simultaneously.  Smart-Phase™ is the newest industry advancement in phase converter technology.   “AVR” is a 8 stage automatic voltage regulation.  Solid state switches are used to regulate the voltage and provide precision balancing across all three legs of power for your important equipment to run as efficient as possible. If you run the best, run a Smart-Phase™ digital rotary phase converter.

Ideal Applications: CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, motors controlled by a VFD or equipment loaded with electronics and critical voltage balance requirements.  Or if you just want great power.

Open PL-10 Control Panel

Performance Panel Features

  • AVR Active Digital Voltage Balance System
  • Complete Phase Power Failure Protection
  • Built-In Starter with Start/Stop Switch
  • Smart-Phase™ Digital Controller
  • 600% Motor Starting Boost Current
  • Distribution Block Connections
  • CNC Voltage Balancing
  • Power “ON” Indicator Light
  • Lifetime Warranties
  • Made In the USA

Idler Motor Advancements

  • Custom Designed Digital Rotary Phase Converter Generators
  • Low Impedance/High Efficiency Design
  • Laminated Copper Windings and Rotor
  • Made by ABB / Baldor Electric USA
  • Made in North America
  • Sealed Bearings
Wireless Key Fob

Helpful Available Upgrades

  • Twist-Lock Plugs and Outlets
  • Outdoor Rated Enclosures
  • Wireless Remote Starters
  • UL Listing Options
  • Automatic Controls
  • Power Time Delays

Smart-Phase Model Comparison Chart

All amperage in table reflect 208 to 250 volt usage
Pricing includes “Rotary Phase Converter Controls” and “Idler Generator” built into an “All-In-One Enclosure”
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Rotary Phase Converter Installation Video

Rotary Phase Converter Installation Video

Complete Details of Features

Smart-Phase™ Digital Controller

  • Smart-Phase™ digital rotary phase converter uses the latest and most reliable advances in solid state technology
  • VDT™ Voltage Differential Technology (Monitoring and Balancing Phase to Phase Voltages)
  • Multi Stage Automatic Voltage Regulation (Maintains 2-3% voltage balance under all load conditions)
  • Zero crossing power switching devices generate three-phase power with high precision and efficiency
  • Adjustable voltage pick up and gap settings allows for the most precise power control

600% Motor Starting Boost Current

  • Smart-Phase™ digital rotary phase converter features a unique ability to detect starting motors and instantly supports them with boost current for fast motor acceleration
  • Uses high current (double rated) and high voltage (1600 volts)  SCR Switches for long life
  • Synchronizes the voltage when reconnecting the start capacitors
  • Allows for flying restart of motors
  • Employs self healing oil filled motor starting capacitors

New AVR Active Digital Voltage Balance System

  • Smart-Phase™ digital rotary phase converter holds industry advanced design matching today’s modern demands of sensitive and multi load applications
  • AVR is the industries 1st and only automatic voltage regulation system available
  • Uses high current (double rates) and high voltage (1600 volts) Durable Solid State Switches
  • Synchronizes the voltages when re-engaging power
  • Employs self healing high voltage rated oil filled motor run capacitors

Universal “All-In-One” Enclosure

  • Available in NEMA 1 (Indoor) and NEMA 3R (Outdoor)
  • Flexible Mounting (Floor Mount with rubber mounting feet or on casters)
  • All Pre-Wired for ease of installation (2 wires in and 3 wires out)
Smart-Phase Digital Rotary Phase Converter

Built-In Motor Start with On/Off Switch

  • Self-contained built-in magnetic motor starter included with this digital rotary phase converter
  • Money saving feature because every rotary phase converter needs a starting mechanism
  • Start/Stop switch ideally located on the front cover for easy access and where it should be

Digital / Electronic Motor Starting Relay

All NAPCco converters have a motor starting relay that is a digital/electronic phase converter. The patented differential voltage sensing circuit knows precisely when the motor is up to speed and when to disconnect the starting circuit. This is the same digital motor start relay used in our Pro Line Rotary Phase Converters. Additional built-in features include over-voltage protection and safety time out.

PL-5 Inside look of the control panel

Custom designed phase converter generator by ABB / Baldor USA

  • Purpose built to work with the Smart-Phase™ Digital controller
  • Low Impedance Design promotes a strong generated line of power for precise voltage balance
  • Custom winding designed to provide greater then 96% efficiency and have very little standby losses
  • Build in the USA by ABB / Baldor USA

Made In the USA

  • Smart-Phase™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters are proudly made in Wisconsin
  • Built by a UL 508A Panel Shop(Not every panel is UL listed)
  • Clean design makes for easy inspections
  • Din rail mounted components and twist and release capacitors
Proudly made in America

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