At North America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply (NAPCES), we understand that your application is unique to your business. We make dependability a top priority with our selection of phase converters, so you can be confident in the reliability of your equipment. Phase converters can be a useful tool for many different types of equipment by providing 3 phase power to a single phase power source. Below are some examples of applications that can benefit from using a digital phase converter.

    • Agricultural machinery
      • Use a phase converter to help maintain the productivity of your farm. Phase converters can help water your crops by powering pumps and center pivots. In addition, a phase converter can also help power all the motors on a grain dryer.


    • Woodworking and metalworking equipment
      • Any sort of woodworking or industrial metalworking equipment, such as a table saw, sander, or milling machine could be powered efficiently through a phase converter.


    • Compressors and fans
      • When sized correctly, a phase converter can properly power even the hardest starting and running loads, such as compressors and fan applications.


    • Food preparation machines
      • Whether you’re powering a dough mixer and an oven at a bakery or running a meat saw and meat grinder at a butcher shop, utilizing a phase converter can be a smart solution.


    • CNC equipment
      • Because CNC equipment has a computer that can be programmed to run the machine, it’s important that the machine has a proper voltage balance. Using a phase converter can help maintain balance of the machine.


  • Resistive and inductive machines
    • From welders and plasma cutters, to battery chargers and transformers, your resistive or inductive machine can be relied on with the help of a rotary phase converter.

Our wide selection of rotary, static and digital rotary phase converters allows you to select the right option for your application’s needs. If at any time you have questions, or if you’re unsure whether your equipment would benefit from using a phase converter, please call or email one of our application engineers!