Rotary Phase ConverterAs a leader in the phase converter and electrical power industry, NAPCES understands 3 phase electrical power and the needs of our customers. We specialize in digital, static, and rotary phase converters and are happy to offer the resources, support, and information to help our customers understand our products and the industry.

What is a Rotary Phase Converter?

Simply put, a rotary phase converter uses an induction generator motor, in that it rotates to transform single-phase utility power into three-phase electricity. A rotary phase converter generates one line of power from the induction generator motor and merges that with two single-phase lines. Rotary Phase Converters produce alternating-current electric power to operate 3-phase equipment such as motors, and inductive and resistive loads. Rotary Phase Converters provide three-phase electric power where it may be hard to get or too expensive.

How Does a Rotary Phase Converter Work?

How does a single-phase to 3-phase converter work? By acting as a rotating generator, rotary phase converters transform the single-phase energy supply into three-phase power. Rotary phase converter equipment uses a single-phase two-line supply of power from the utility, and creates a third line of power. The three lines, also known as phases, are indistinguishable from utility three-phase power, typically more accurate than utility-supplied three phase power, with all three lines shifted 120 degrees. When the rotary phase converter is properly sized, it will produce true three-phase power with each of the three output voltages well balanced over the entire range of connected loads.

Types of Rotary Phase Converters

NAPCES offers three main types of Rotary Phase Converters, Pro-Line, Smart-Boost™ Digital, and UL-Listed. Understanding the difference between these three is important.

  • Pro-Line Rotary Phase Converters – this line provides three-phase power with output voltages of all three lines +/-5% of one another. This motor converter line is recommended for all types of loads including sensitive equipment, like CNC machinery.
  • Smart-Boost™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters –Our Smart-Boost™ Rotary phase converter will start motors when others cannot. The booster uses solid start switching to re-engage the start capacitors and provide 600% motor starting current.
  • UL-Listed Rotary Phase Converters – This line of rotary phase converters include the UL and cUL listing for the US and Canada.

North America Phase Converters and Electrical Supply offer 10 models in each line. All our lines include built-in motor starters, digitally controlled and protected start circuits, and complete phase power failure protection.

Benefits of using Rotary Phase Converters

There are many benefits to using rotary phase converters, including:

  • They are more cost effective than installing 3 phase power lines
  • This equipment is preferred for voltage-sensitive CNC machines
  • The average life span for a NAPCES rotary phase converter is 30+ years
  • They are extremely efficient, transforming more than 97% of the total power into working power

For more information on rotary phase converters, please contact NAPCES, we are happy to answer any questions about our products and offer sizing recommendations. We look forward to providing you with friendly customer service, premium-quality products, technical expertise, competitive prices, and personal service!