Auto shops see a diverse amount of problems on a daily basis, making the equipment needed to service each case very specialized. Automotive repair shop supplies range from basic tools like wrenches and pliers to more complex electric tools to work on the advancing technology in today’s automobiles. Some jobs require a little bit of elbow grease while others need advanced power solutions. Here, we’ve outlined the top 5 most popular pieces of automotive shop equipment and why they’re so important to today’s professionals.

Electronic Diagnostic Equipment

When an auto owner has an electrical or electromechanical problem with their car, diagnostic devices help the mechanic compare data from the car against standards from the manufacturer’s database. Electronic diagnostic car shop equipment typically comes in the form of a hand-held device and uses digital controls and electronic sensors to efficiently and accurately help the mechanic identify the problem area.

Hand Tools

The most basic form of car machinery, hand tools are still an essential piece of auto shop equipment. Typically man-powered, these auto shop tools are the perfect choice for working on tight spots. Because hand tools lack many of the safety features and precautions power tools do, it’s important to use precaution when using them! For auto shops, some of the most popular hand tool choices include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Socket Sets and Ratchets
  • Vise Grips
  • Breaker Bars
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Hand Wrenches
  • Measuring Tools

Welding Equipment

Used to service a number of auto repairs, welding equipment can be found in the majority of auto shops. Industrial welding equipment can require both motor and non-motor electrical loads, thus needing three-phase power. A rotary phase converter will most likely be an appropriate power solution for your auto shop’s welding equipment needs.

Lifts and Hoists

These tools are essential for working on the under-chassis of a car. Allowing the auto mechanic to work comfortably under a vehicle, automotive lifts and hoists allow easy access to different types of vehicles for repairs. This piece of automotive repair shop equipment can come in a variety of forms including:

  • Auto Dollies
  • Car Jacks
  • Hoist Systems
  • Pneumatic Lifts

Other Automotive-Specific Tools

There are numerous pieces of auto machinery that mechanics specifically use in their industry. Beyond the basic automotive repair equipment, mechanics often use:

  • Spark Plug Sockets
  • Air Compressors
  • Tire Pressure Gauges
  • Cutter Tools
  • Oil Filter Wrenches
  • Head Surfacing Machine
  • Wheel Balancer

As technology in cars is progressing, auto shops need to have specialized tools to diagnose and service vehicles efficiently and effectively. NAPCco offers power solutions for a wide-variety of electric phase converter applications, including various types of new and used automotive machinery equipment. Contact our knowledgeable team to get your questions answered and find a rotary, static, or digital phase converter that best fits your auto shop’s needs!