Many businesses, small shops and home owners occasionally need to operate a variety of motor-driven machines that require 3 phase electrical service. Because of the prohibitive expense for installation of 3 phase electrical service, NAPCES offers an alternate solution. A 3 phase converter presents an affordable and reliable alternative to 3 phase electrical service.

Static phase converters are a great solution for operating low horsepower 3 phase machinery using single phase line service. Built around a voltage sensitive relay switch and motor start capacitors, a static phase converter provides the starting current required of the third phase. During initial start-up the motor start capacitors discharges its stored energy to the third phase. After the motor starts the relay disconnects the first capacitors. The motor continues to operate on single phase power. The driven motor will operate in a range of 60 to 70 percent of rated power. Though static phase converters may be an excellent choice for low horsepower motor starting applications, they are not suitable for inductive and resistive load applications.

Reliable Power for Motors, Inductive and Resistive Loads

Rotary phase converters provide additional beneficial characteristics than static phase converters. These characteristics include the ability to drive larger horsepower motors, provide balanced voltage across all 3 legs of power and effectively drive inductive and resistance devices such as heavy duty chargers, air compressors, heaters and welders.

Balanced Voltage Provides Long Service Life

A 3 phase rotary converter consists of an idler generator and control panel with switch assembly. The idler generator, also known as an induction motor, is the heart of the rotary phase converter. In operation, the two single phase lines are connected to two legs of the idler generator, which causes the idler generator to rotate. While rotating, voltage is induced on the third winding. The voltage generated from the winding of the third idle generator leg is coupled with the two single phase source lines to produce 3 phase power. Because most 3 phase applications require balanced voltage across all three phases, motor run capacitors balance voltage levels. Within the control panel, capacitors are wired across the two single phase legs and the third, manufactured generator leg. Capacitance is present at output terminals 1, 2, and 3 of the rotary converter and enables phase voltages to be balanced within 5% of each other. As a result, long service life of rotary phase converters and driven machinery can be expected.

Correct Phase Converter Sizing and Application for Maximum Performance

A properly applied 3 phase rotary converter is an economical and appealing alternative to the cost of installing 3 phase electrical services. The key to long life service is correctly sizing the phase converter to the load requirements of the driven machine. Three factors influence the sizing of rotary phase converters:

  • Torque Requirements at Start-up: Low, Medium, High
  • Application Type: Motor, Inductive, Resistance
  • Environmental Factors: Temperature, Moisture, Hazardous Environments

Working within the parameters detailed above, you’ll enjoy reliable, long life operation of your phase converters while saving the costs of 3 phase power service installation.

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