If you’re in the market for a phase converter, you might be asking yourself: “Should I buy used instead of new?” While there are certainly advantages to buying used rotary phase converters, there are also important disadvantages to consider. Review the following pros and cons to be informed on making the best investment decision on the purchase of your next phase converter.

Used Phase Converter Pros

  • Cheaper Price: Used phase converters are cheaper than buying new and can save you money short-term if you need the machine in a pinch.
  • Caters to Limited Three Phase Users: If you aren’t a frequent user of three phase power, making the investment in a new machine might not be worth the price tag. A used model can provide all of the same benefits for limited users.

Used Phase Converter Cons

  • Source Uncertainty: One major con of buying a used phase converter is not knowing the origins or performance history of the machine. Depending on where you’re buying from, there may be kinks or quirks that you aren’t aware of that don’t become obvious until after the purchase.
  • Long-Term Expense: While it might seem like a good option to save money in the short-term by purchasing a used model, this means your used phase converter already has a shorter lifespan than a new model. You might need to pay for repairs or replacement parts sooner than on a new model, adding on to your overall expenses.
  • No Warranty: One of the biggest benefits of a new phase converter is the ability to take advantage of a warranty for future repairs. Purchasing an old phase converter will not offer this option and puts you at risk in case something happens.
  • Difficulty Determining Value: If you’re buying used, it can be difficult to determine the right price for the converter. There isn’t an exact method of calculating value and no official “blue book” to phase converters. Even with thorough research, there’s always the chance that you could be overpaying for your investment.

It’s tempting to buy used, but a new phase converter offers unmatched convenience, reliability and long-term value. NAPCco is a leader in the phase converter and electrical supply industry with 24/7 sales and tech support, lifetime warranties, a best price guarantee and no questions asked return policy. Investing in a new NAPCco phase converter will provide value and peace of mind for your three phase power needs. Contact a representative today to learn more.