The metal and woodworking industries can require large amounts of energy output to ensure high levels of productivity and use of equipment or machinery. From small easy loads, to hard heavy loads, our phase converters are able to convert single phase power to a balanced 3 phase power output for a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for a way to provide efficient and reliable three phase power to your unique applications when only single phase power is available, then a phase converter from NAPCES might be the right choice, especially since many metal and woodworking machines have 3 phase motors.

For individuals working in either industry, you know that the machinery and equipment you use daily often need to be operating and utilized at their fullest capacity. One of the benefits of using a properly sized phase converter to convert power for your applications is that it provides a balanced output, allowing varying levels of loads to be operated under the same efficient phase converter. Additionally, it’s commonly understood that machinery and equipment running with three phase motors operate more efficiently than single phase motors. With North America Phase Converters and Electrical Supply’s rotary, static, or digital phase converter, you can be confident that your woodworking and metal machinery is operating smoothly.

Below are some examples of the various metalworking and woodworking applications that can benefit from the assistance of a NAPCES phase converter:

  • Table saws
  • Sanders
  • Plasma cutters
  • Drills
  • Milling machines
  • Welders
  • Air compressors

These two industries are incredibly demanding and completely reliant upon high-powered machinery delivering effective results time after time. 3 phase power through phase converters is a cost-effective way to help ensure that your metalworking or woodworking machinery is consistently functioning at their optimal capacity. If you have questions regarding the sizing or selection of your phase converter, don’t hesitate to contact our phase converter and electrical supply specialists.