Whether you’re looking for phase converters and/or electrical supplies (including transformers, safety switches, load centers, circuit breakers and motor starters) to complement your phase converter, North America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply (NAPCES) has a product lineup for you.

Rotary, Static & Digital Rotary Phase Converters

As one of the top manufacturers and distributors of high quality phase converters, NAPCES offers a wide range of options and serves as a one stop shop with every type of phase converter in stock, including rotary, static and digital rotary.

Rotary phase converters, the most common and universal type of phase converter, uses an induction generator to produce 3 phase power. We offer many options, including Pro Line Rotary Phase Converters, Smart-Boost™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters, Smart-Phase™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters, Rotary Phase Converter Control Panels (for those who have there own motor to use as an idler), and UL Listed Rotary Phase Converters, NAPCES has the equipment to fit your needs.

Static phase converters run most motors at two-thirds power after generating a third leg of power to kick start the motor. Our product lineup offers the same digital/electronic starting circuitry and heavy duty, high voltage motor start capacitors offered in our Pro-Line Rotary Phase Converters. Available in ten models to accommodate your needs, with classic horsepower ratings and our high/low multiply horsepower ratings, we have a static phase converter that’s right for you.

And our newest line of converters – digital rotary phase converters. Our Smart-Boost™ and Smart-Phase™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters offer 600% motor starting current and are perfect for hard starting loads. We use a low impedance idler motor (custom made by ABB / Baldor Electric USA) and solid state switches and controls for massive starting power and incredible voltage balance.

Electrical Products

NAPCES offers transformers in single and three phase options with various voltages. Listed on our website is our 4 most popular electrical transformer options. Included in our line up is 240 X 480-120/240 Volt 1 Phase, 240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase, 480-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase, and 480-240 Volt 3 Phase.

Our disconnect/safety switches have many great features, including load break rating, ample wire bending space, double break rotary blade mechanisms, interlocking doors , padlock capability, UL Listed, and copper and aluminum wire compatibility. With four options to choose from – 30 AMP Disconnect/Safety Switch, 60 Amp Disconnect/Safety Switch, 100 Amp Disconnect/Safety Switch, and 200 Amp Disconnect/Safety Switch – NAPCES offers a full line of disconnect/safety switch products.

Load centers are available in four options: 12 Space 3 Phase, 24 Space 3 Phase, 30 Space 3 Phase, and 42 Space 3 Phase. With features including commercial grade, one-piece silver plated copper bus, top and bottom feed capability, UL Listed, neutral design for installation flexibility, and steel backpan for positive, reliable breaker mounting, you can shop with confidence that our American made load centers are right for you.

NAPCES works with Eaton Cutler Hammer to offer circuit breakers that fit your specific amperage. Models CH315, CH320, CH330, CH340, CH350, CH360, CH370, CH380, CH390, AND CH3100 are designed for 240 voltage, three poles with ¾” size, and 10,000 AIC. With a toggle-type handle, internal common trip, Quick-make, Quick-break Switch Mechanism, thermal-magnetic, and UL List, our circuit breakers offer that guarantees long-term productivity.

Our lineup of motor starters include 3 phase models designed for 230 or 480 voltage and IP65 enclosures that are ideal for small machine tools, pumps, fans, and electrical machinery. With 15 models available in various horsepower capabilities, you will find motor starters with complete enclosed simple machine control, dust and water tight plastic enclosures, pushbutton switches, easy wire-in terminals, and adjustable overload protection.

NAPCES customers can shop with assurance that our high-quality, U.S.A manufactured products will fit their power needs. Contact us today to learn more about our great lineup of available phase converters and electrical products!