An electrical transformer is a device that’s used to convert power of a certain voltage level to power of a different voltage, but at the same frequency. They play a crucial role in the distribution of electric power. They’re often combined with phase converters to establish a proper voltage level for the operation of your application.

Utilizing an electrical transformer offers a cost-effective, reliable method of adjusting voltage to the proper level. Some machine motors and electrical equipment are designed to operate at a voltage that’s higher than a North America rotary phase converter’s voltage. In this situation, you would need an electrical transformer to run the equipment. A rotary phase converter produces a three phase voltage that’s the same as its input voltage, and does not change voltages. A transformer would be able to adjust the voltage level to ensure that your application is running efficiently and productively on three phase power. They’re also an energy-efficient solution, especially when paired with the productivity of a phase converter.

When purchasing an electrical transformer, it’s important to consider the characteristics of the equipment that you’re operating. Similar to purchasing a phase converter, the sizing of a transformer is crucial in order for it to be successful in helping operate your applications.

At North America Phase Converters and Electrical Supply (NAPCES), we offer a full line of single and three phase transformers to guarantee you find exactly what you need for your unique application. Because we value providing safe and trustworthy electrical products, all of the electrical transformers offered through NAPCES are built and tested to applicable industry standards. From isolation/distribution transformers to buck boost transformers, we have the electrical transformer that fits your specifications. If you need assistance in finding the right electrical transformer, or have any questions, feel free to contact us with your requirements. We’ll work to make sure that you get the electrical transformer that’s perfect for your application’s needs.