Phase Converters from NAPCESNorth America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply (NAPCES) is currently one of the top manufacturers and distributors of phase converters and 3 phase electrical products. We have evolved since our company’s beginnings, when our founding staff came together. They left management jobs at one of the fastest growing phase converter companies in North America, and other positions in the electrical distribution and manufacturing industries to form a manufacturers’ representative agency. This agency was responsible for representing a line of phase converters along with its other electrical product lines.

From the very beginning, we have been focused on customer service and a commitment to personalized assistance. As a manufacturers’ representative agency, we quickly learned that the companies we were representing did not share that mission. In order to stay true to our company goals, we began manufacturing our own line of phase converters and distributing related electrical products.

Doing Business with NAPCES

Since becoming a manufacturer ourselves, NAPCES has become more committed than ever to our customers, our products, and the industry. We are a UL Certified Panel Builder and we guarantee our customer service, sizing recommendations and pricing. We also offer 24/7 technical support, a no questions asked return policy and flat rate shipping, all to keep our customers happy. We understand you have a lot of options when you’re in the market for phase converters and electrical products and we appreciate our customers!

Based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, North America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply proudly makes all of our phase converters in house.

NAPCES Products

NAPCES specializes in the production of phase converters and distribution of electrical products, including:

NAPCES is committed to providing positive connections and powerful solutions to our customers and we strive to conduct our business in an honest and fair manner. From humble beginnings as a manufacturers’ representative agency, we have grown by improving our products, services and processes, and always putting our customers first. Contact NACPES today to see how much of a difference we can make with your phase conversion and electrical supply needs.