Choosing a phase converter to change single phase power to three-phase power can seem overwhelming. Rotary phase converters and Digital Rotary phase converters are two of the most popular options available. There are (6) six types of rotary converters on the market today.

Six (6) Rotary Phase Converters
(Caps = Capacitors PC =Phase Converter, Price = $)

1. “Old School” $ = Caps and a shafted torque motor (no start circuit for the idler/generator)
a. Note: Torque motors are designed to make torque not a sine wave. Can they make a sine wave yes but your interest is quality power, not quality torque?

2. “Old School w/Starter” $$ = Motor starter circuit, caps, shafted torque motor

3. “Basic” $$$ = Start Circuit, caps, (no shaft) idler/generator designed to produce a third leg sine wave.

4. “Digital Rotary” $$$$ = Digitally monitored Start Circuit, caps, idler/generator

5. “Digital with Voltage Support” $$$$$ = Digital Start, with voltage monitoring to reengage high performance start capacitors for temporary additional voltage support during hard starts or intermittent hard loads that draw excessive current which causes voltage drop.

6. “Digital Voltage Balance” $$$$$$ = Digital Start, continuous voltage adjustment throughout the load demand.

Digital Rotary Phase Converters are an excellent choice if your loads for precise voltage sensitive equipment.  Rotary does not produce harmonics and with the cost effective true analog signal voltage can be balanced within 2-3%, roto phase converters have come a long way in performance and reliability.

It is important to consider your equipment power requirements and good measure to call the factory for final assistance in phase converter sizing and purchase.

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