See how NAPCco design features make installation of Pro Line rotary phase converters easy!

Removable backplate, large wiring compartment, well-marked oversized distribution blocks and conveniently located knockouts on all four sides of the control panel simplify installation of Pro Line rotary phase converters. Find out how to wire a 3 phase rotary phase converter here!

Video Transcript

My name is Jay, with North America Phase Converters. At North America Phase Converters, we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of rotary, UL-listed, digital, and static phase converters.

Our Pro Line of rotary phase converters are the easiest to install on the market today. The reasons why are: A removable backplate design, a large wiring compartment, oversized power distribution blocks that are well-marked, and conveniently located knockouts on all four sides of the control panel.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Pro Line rotary phase converters, and taking a couple minutes to view this video.

Here’s Dan to show you how to wire a 3 phase rotary phase converter as well as the installation process.

First, mount the control panel to a wall or solid surface. Start by removing the backplate from the enclosure. This is done by removing the 4 nuts in each corner of the backplate. This makes the enclosure light and manageable. Now secure the empty enclosure to your surface.

Second, remove the knockouts and attach your fittings and connectors. We are using several types of wiring methods. We recommend checking your local electrical codes for what is acceptable in your area. For our input power, we ran wire in EMT conduit. For our idler generator connection, we used SO cable. For our output connection, we used a flexible conduit, Liquid Tight.

Third, place the backplate into the enclosure.

Fourth, attach your wires to the proper terminals. Table 2.2 in the installation manual shows the correct wire gauge size for a phase converter. Your input terminals are labeled L1 and L2. The output terminals for your idler generator and loads are labeled T1, T2, and T3. Use the 3/8 inch Allen wrench supplied with the phase converter. All our Pro Line 3 phase rotary switch wiring and phase converters include the Allen Wrenches needed for installation. All of our T1, T2, and T3 power distribution blocks are double-locks. The idler generator motor attaches to one set of holes in the power distribution block.

Fifth, connect your idler generator motor. The correct connection diagram is available on the motor. It is normally located near, on, or in the junction box of the motor.

Sixth, connect your loads. Your loads attach to the second set of holes in the output power distribution block. Make sure to properly ground your equipment.

You have several options wiring to your loads. Here are 3 popular options: 3 phase converter wiring electrical load centerselectrical disconnect switches, and twist-lock Phase Converter Plugs and Outlets. North American Phase Converter offers a large selection of all of these items. Lastly, complete the switch assembly and screw down the cover. Push the contact blocks in the operator and slide the tab to the right. Now place the cover on the enclosure and screw it down.

Need help with sizing?  Read our article on How to Size a Rotary Phase Converter.