Three-phase power is preferred for commercial elevators. Single-phase operated elevator motors are often slow and inefficient. Commercial and residential use phase converters as a reliable and economical substitute to the expensive installation of utility three-phase power. NAPCco offers money-saving power conversion solutions for elevators.

The Basics First

Elevators have single and three-phase power requirements with multiple moving parts that require powered distribution through motor controls and multiple circuits. The elevator loads range from:

  • Hydraulic Lifting Pump Motors
  • Ventilation
  • Doors
  • Lights

It is helpful to identify the elevator control center location, components, and single-phase or three-phase voltage power requirements. Some elevators have strict voltage balancing modulation systems, requiring as tight as +/- 3% voltage balance between phases.

General project considerations:

  • Available single-phase power amperage.
  • Voltage phase balance tolerance.
  • Significant inrush current to start the motor load
  • Proper selection of a phase converter size and capabilities
  • Continuous power to variable motor loads such as doors and vents

Choosing a Phase Converter

Choosing an elevator phase converter type is easy with accurate load requirement information and support. NAPCco provides specialized insight on a couple popular rotary phase converter options to help you make the best decision for the application. Here is a general phase conversion summary to consider before reaching out to the staff that supports conversion projects full time.

  • Digital Rotary Phase Converters with Digital Voltage Balance: This choice is a good option for operating an elevator motor. Digital rotary phase converters use a microprocessor and solid state relays to control three-phase power. The digital rotary phase converter produces the necessary power to supply the load with balanced power and enough voltage for motor starting requirements. Digital rotary phase converters offer an economical, continuous power solution.
  • Analog Rotary Phase Converters : Rotary phase converters are the most economic conversion solution, now available with auto controls. The analog rotary phase converter produces a true analog sine wave identical to the power station down the street. A quality rotary phase converter is 97%-98% efficient and with automation maximizes efficiency, while keeping the user interface simple.

Choosing a phase converter for an elevator’s three-phase power requirements is economical, reliable, and efficient. NAPCco offers a wide range of phase converter options and electrical supply products for any power conversion solution. Contact us today to learn how we can best assist your three-phase power needs! 1-877-545-2926