Product Information

North America Phase Converter Co. (NAPCco) is one of the top manufactures and distributors of high-quality phase converter and electrical accessories.  Our portfolio of products truly makes us a one stop shop.  Our selection includes rotary phase converters, static phase converters, digital phase converters and an array of electrical accessories to complement your unique installation.  You can shop with confidence that we have the right solution for your application.

PL-10 Rotary Phase Converter

Phase Converters

A “phase converter” is an efficient way to produce 3 phase power from a single phase power source.  They are used to run 3 phase machines/equipment when three phase power is not available or cost prohibitive.  NAPCco offers Rotary, Static and Digital phase converters.  Rotary Phase Converters are the most common type used.


A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to change A/C power from one voltage to another.  A transformer is composed of 3 parts: a coil, the primary winding and the secondary winding.  “Windings” consists of coils of wire wrapped around a core of iron or metal.  Electrical current is fed into the primary winding and is transformed into magnetic energy.  The core then carries the magnetic energy to the secondary winding which changes the voltage.

SP-20 Smart-Phase 20HP Digital Rotary Phase Converter

Electrical Supplies

NAPCco offers a full line of distribution products and electrical supplies to use in conjunction with/and complement our line of phase converters.   These items include load centers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, capacitors, contactors, relay, timers, push buttons, enclosures, soft starts, twist-lock plugs and receptacles.

Motor Starters

An electrical device used to start and stop a motor.  A motor starter consists of a contactor, switch, or relay, with motor running over current protection.  The two most common types are manual motor starters and magnetic motor starters.

SP-20 Smart-Phase 20HP Digital Rotary Phase Converter

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