Do you need a phase converter you can count on for flawless power? If so, a digital phase converter from North America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply (NAPCES) may be exactly what you’re looking for. As an industry leader for converter applications, NAPCES backs their Made in America products with knowledgeable service and dependable warranties.

How Does a Digital Phase Converter Work?

Digital phase converters utilize a digital signal processing (DSP) system to create seamless 3 phase power for even the most complex applications. By utilizing a digital signal processor, a specially designed microprocessor that is architecturally enhanced for the operational needs of digital phase converters, the equipment monitors the power conversion process while recurrently adjusting the output voltage.

A digital phase converter transfers clean, balanced power back onto the single phase lines. This allows the phase converter to handle regenerative power, saving electrical output and letting the equipment operate continuously as a 3 phase to single phase converter.

What Makes Digital Phase Converters Different?

To understand the differences between various types of phase converters, consider this: rotary phase converters rely on a induction generator to produce power while digital phase converters do not. Instead, advanced solid state power switching technology is used in place of a motor.

On the other hand, they do share one similarity. Rotary, static and digital phase converters generate a third line of voltage, which is added to the first and second single phase lines to create three phase power.

Types of Digital Phase Converters

NAPCES offers several digital phase converter options, including the Smart-Boost™ Digital Rotary Phase Converter. Smart-Boost™ technology makes the startup of external motors quick and easy by using solid state switching to reengage start capacitors. Our Smart-Boost™ Digital Controller provides 600% motor starting boost current.

Phase Perfect digital phase converter options are also available from NAPCES. You can rely on the durability, affordability and performance of Phase Perfect converters, which feature power protection to shield your equipment from under and over voltage and single phasing. Additional features include:

  • Advanced solid state power switching technology
  • Electronic power factor correction
  • Clean power fed back to the utility
  • ETL Listed
  • Plus more

Contact NAPCES for more information on digital phase converters. Our knowledgeable team of specialists is available to answer any questions about our products and offer sizing recommendations. We look forward to providing you with friendly customer service, premium-quality products, technical expertise, competitive prices and personal service!