FAQs about Phase Converters and Transformers 

Below are some of the most common questions North America Phase Converters receive about how phase converters work together with transformers. 

Does a rotary phase converter change voltage?

No, a phase converter changes single-phase power to 3-phase power. A phase converter generates a third line of power from your input voltage. Therefore, your output voltage is the same as the input voltage.

Can I use a transformer with my phase converter? 

Yes, a transformer can be used before or after a phase converter. However, it is preferred to use the transformer after the phase converter. When using a transformer after the phase converter, you will need a disconnect means between the phase converter and the transformer. This can be done with either a disconnected switch or contactor (time-delay). At North America Phase Converters, we provide both options and will assist you with finding the best disconnect option based on your needs and phase converter application. 

Can a transformer be used with all types of phase converters?

No, transformers only work with digital and rotary phase converters. They cannot be used in conjunction with a static phase converter.

What type of transformer will I need?

In most cases, an auto or isolation distribution transformer can be used on the output of the phase converter to step up or step down the voltage. In some cases, a Buck-Boost transformer can be used on the input of the phase converter for small voltage adjustments. 

Can I get 208, 400, or 480 volts from my phase converter if I have 240-volt single-phase power?

In short, the answer is yes. However, you will need a transformer to do so, which can be purchased through North America Phase Converters. Voltage can be stepped up or stepped down with a transformer; in some cases, a transformer can even be used before the phase converter to change/adjust the voltage.

Will a transformer change single-phase power to 3-phase power

No, a transformer can only change/adjust voltages, not phases. A phase converter is needed to change the phases.