There are many benefits to purchasing and installing a North America Phase Converter Company (NAPCES) rotary phase converter, but the most frequently noted are their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Known for being long lasting and dependable, it is often felt that equipment running on 3 phase power operates more efficiently and runs much longer. NAPCES offers rotary phase converters that are extremely efficient, transforming 97% of the total power utilization into working power for your load.

Investing in a rotary phase converter allows equipment to run on 3 phase power when there is only a single phase power source. In most cases, the expense of rewiring your equipment can be avoided by purchasing a converter. Utility companies most often approve of rotary frequency converters, which benefit you, the user, by escaping the overhead of installing 3 phase power lines.

Rotary phase converters have an idler motor. This means that it only pulls the amount of power needed to stay energized, allowing the phase converter motor to run idle. Exact electrical intake is based merely on what the load draws, increasing its productivity even more by efficiently producing 3 phase power.

UL Certified Panel BuilderWith UL Listed control panels, our rotary frequency converters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all UL and National Electric Code (NEC) standards. This benefits you, as a user, because it insures safety standards are met. It also guarantees the phase converter receives that correct insulation, spacing, labeling/markings, wire bends, and a fuse protected starter.

Additional rotary frequency converter features and benefits include built-in motor start control (saving time and money on wiring additional components), solid state controlled starter circuit (enabling low amperage inrush and protection of start circuit and capacitors), 3-line power protection (eliminating single phasing), and precise voltage stability (for phase to phase balanced output). “Live power on” indicating light, simple installation, purpose designed Phase Converter Generator made by Baldor Electric, and a Made in America guarantee, are also features that assure rotary phase converters from NAPCES are right for you.

If you are interested in learning more about rotary phase converters, or any phase converter or electrical product, contact North America Phase Converters & Electrical Supply today! Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the product that is right for you.