Rotary Phase Converter Basics

Rotary Phase ConverterRotary phase converters from North America Phase Converter Company are expertly designed and manufactured to convert single phase power into balanced 3 phase power in a wide range of manufacturing, commercial, and in-home settings. This equipment’s efficient features and Made in America construction helps transform 97% of total power utilization into working power for machinery.

An easy way to understand how rotary phase converters work is to imagine them as a power station for your city. If the power station maintains stable power, it can keep the city running. In terms of converters, if the rotary phase converter maintains balanced 3 phase power it can run any suitable machinery.

NAPCco rotary phase converters are equipped with an induction generator, also known as an idler, which means the converter uses a small amount of power to run in idle mode. The induction generator is energized by the two single phase lines while the induction generator produces the third leg of power (voltage). The two single phase lines of power are then joined with the third phase of power, resulting in 3 phase power converter.

The responsive induction generator is the muscle behind the rotary phase converter and creates steady voltage balance that allows motors to run at or near full horsepower, making this type of phase converter ideal for machinery that has complex voltage requirements.

In addition, rotary phase converters are often considered a cost-effective option. Purchasing a converter is a simple solution to avoiding the cost and work of rewiring equipment. Utilizing a rotary phase converter is also an alternative to installing 3 phase power lines, and is approved by most utility companies.

Where Can a Rotary Phase Converter Be Used?

Rotary phase converters are utilized in various settings, ranging from manufacturing and industrial, to commercial and in-home. The equipment provides the power necessary to run machinery including lathes, EDM’s, heaters, compactors, dough mixers, table saws, hydraulic pumps and elevators. This type of phase converter can also be used to power multiple facets of a production facility. For example, think of a sheet metal fabrication company. Their CNC machining center, iron worker, welders, punch presses and lasers can all be powered by rotary phase converters.

NAPCco offers a wide range of rotary phase converter options, including Pro Line, Smart-Boostâ„¢ Digital, Control Panels, and UL Listed. Contact us today to find the phase converter that is right for you.