Verifying the Safety and Certification of a Phase Converter

Understanding the safety and certification of your phase converter is essential for being able to fully trust it to assist in running your unique applications. Unfortunately, there are no organizations that specifically regulate the distribution of rotary, static, or digital phase converters in the US. Although no official organization exists that specializes in three phase power converters, there are other ways in which you can ensure that you’re getting a product that will be safe, efficient, and reliable for years to come.

At North America Phase Converters and Electrical Supply, we believe it’s imperative that distributors of phase converters follow electrical work safety regulations and standards  when building and selling phase converters and electrical products. Because of this, we adhere to standards and regulations set forth by the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

National Electric Code (NEC)
This regulation covers the installation and use of rotary and static phase converters. According to the NEC Article 455, each phase converter distributed shall be provided with a permanent nameplate that indicates a variety of different requirements, and the means for an equipment grounding connection shall be provided.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
NAPCES also provide UL-listed phase converters that are built to meet or exceed all UL standards. UL safety standards are widely recognized in the manufacturing industry, ensuring that important safety measures have been met. This also guarantees that your phase converter receives correct insulation, markings, and other important specifications.

As you can see, although there are no national organizations that provide regulatory measures specifically targeting phase converters, there are still several ways in which this equipment can be regulated and meet high levels of safety standards. Fortunately, the phase converters built and distributed by NAPCES are UL certified and follow NEC standards, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your phase converter is a safe, dependable, and trustworthy source of 3 phase power.