The Basics of Static Phase Converters

Static phase convertersStatic Phase Converters from North America Phase Converter Company (NAPCco) are masterfully engineered and manufactured for the 3 phase power needs of hobby and occasional use applications that don’t require a for their motor/equipment. Recognized as a cost-effective alternative to other types of three phase motors, our Made in America static converters can be easily mounted on or near your equipment and offers easy installation and wiring.

Static Phase Converter Basics

Designed to operate 3 phase motors on single phase power, static phase converters produce approximately two-thirds of a motors power. Ideal for motors that start quickly and infrequently, a static converter leaves the electric motor to run on single phase power once the generated leg of power disengages after startup. A static phase converter will only run motor applications. A static converter will not run resistive or inductive load because it does not produce a constant 3rd leg of power.

Where Can a Static Phase Converter Be Used?

Static phase converters are ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings, including most metal and woodworking equipment, grinders, drill presses, small lathes, table saws and milling machines. They can also be used for commercial and in-home applications, such as meat grinders, sewing machines, dough mixers and more.

Static converters are often an efficient and affordable solution for small horsepower, single motor applications, but due to their limited power capability, they are not recommended for use with the following applications: fans, refrigeration equipment, water pump, hydraulic lifts, welders, compressors, ovens, heaters, dust collectors, lasers, CNC machinery, large lathes, pumps, battery chargers, or any equipment that will be run at more than 2/3 rated horsepower.

NAPCco offers a broad range of static phase converter options based on your horsepower range, breaker size, wire size and more. Contact us to learn more about lathe basics, or to find the phase converter plans that are right for you.