How to Size a Static Phase Converter

Sizing a Static Converter – Find the horsepower rating of the motor load and size to the range rating of the static phase converter.

Example 1 – For a 2 Horsepower Bridgeport Mill, use static phase converter model 1-3HP.

Example 2 – For a 3 Horsepower Table Saw, use static phase converter 1-3HP or 3-5HP.

Visit our static phase converter page to view all available models.

General Static Phase Converter Sizing Rules

1. For motor loads only.
2. For light to moderate motor loads.
3. Do not oversize the converter.
4. For motor loads that run less than 65% load.
5. For motors that average less than 6 starts an hour.
6. Consult NAPCES for motors older than 1965.

Do not use a static converter with the following applications: welders, heaters, two speed motors, air compressors, pumps, fans, CNC machines, plasma cutters, refrigeration trucks, blowers, large flywheels and large lathes.

Notes: Not all motors can run on a static phase converter.  A rotary phase converter is more suitable for most motor applications.

If at any time you have questions about sizing, please contact us and one of our factory-trained application engineers by email, online form submission or by calling 877-545-2926.