Electrical Supply


TransformersAn electrical phase transformer is an apparatus designed to change A/C power from one voltage to another. Types of electrical transformers include 3 phase or single phase, composed of 3 parts: a coil, the primary winding and the secondary winding. “Windings” consists of coils of wire wrapped around a core of iron or metal. Electrical current is fed into the primary winding, and is transformed into magnetic energy. The transformer core then carries the magnetic energy to the secondary winding, which changes the voltage.

Disconnect & Safety Switches

Safety & Disconnect SwitchesAn electrical disconnect switch is a device that disconnects electrical power from its source of voltage. Disconnect switches are used to manually open and close a circuit.

Load Centers

Load CentersAn electrical load center is a panel that contains a service entrance main connection and circuit protection for industrial and residential applications. There are 3 types of electrical load centers: Main Breaker Load Centers (most popular), Fusible Main Load Centers and Main Lug Load Centers. A load center is sometimes referred to as a circuit breaker transformer box or a fuse panel.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit BreakersAn electrical toggle circuit breaker is a device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic (manual) means, and automatically disconnects the breaker box circuit in the event of an overload or short circuit.

Motor Starters

Motor StartersAn electrical supply switch used to start and stop a motor. A 3 phase motor starter switch consists of a contactor, switch or relay, with motor running over current protection. Available types are manual motor starters and magnetic motor starters.

VFD / Variable Frequency Drives

A VFD / variable frequency drive is a solid state device used to vary the frequency of a motor; therefore, controlling the speed of the motor. Because of this design, some drives may be used for phase conversion. The technology of a variable frequency drive is similar to a digital phase converter.